Athens Airport Metro

The Fastest Transportation Way from Athens Airport

Athens Airport Metro Line 3

Athens airport subway offers reliable and fast transportation services from and to Athens Αirport. The Blue Line (Metro Line 3) connects Athens International Airport to Syntagma Square, the major hub of the city, in just 40 minutes. Heading to Piraeus Port? Take the Blue Line to Piraeus Station and reach your destination. Furthermore, Subway Train 3 also serves many other areas of Athens.

Useful Info: The Athens airport subway moves above the ground until it reaches Doukissis Plakentias Station. In fact, it uses the suburban train network.

Subway Fares from Athens Airport

A one-way subway ticket from Athens Airport to Syntagma Square costs 9€/10$ for adult passengers and 4.5€/5.22$ for children, students, and elders. The price for a return ticket is 16€/18.56$, while children under 6 years old travel for free. You can purchase your tickets at the airport station ticket booths or through the automatic machines. Please keep in mind that frequent inspections take place at the airport metro line. Thus, not having a ticket will most probably end up in you getting fined. What’s more, inspectors usually don’t wear a distinctive uniform. Nevertheless, they should always show off their badge before asking you for your ticket.

Alternatively, if you are planning to wander around the city during your visit, you should buy a 3-day Tourist ticket, valid for buses, metro, and tram. The 3-day ticket includes a return ticket to Athens Airport and costs 20€/23.19$.

ATH.ENA rechargeable cards are also an option, offering passengers the possibility to load their card depending on their needs, from 90 minutes to 5 days. 

Our Tip: For more info, check the official website.

Athens Airport Subway Timetable

Athens airport subway trains run day after day, from 06:30 am to 11:30 pm, with available routes every 30 minutes. Therefore, the Blue Metro Line 3 is ideal for passengers who opt for a transportation mode combining speed, efficiency, and low cost. The only drawback you’re going to face when traveling via the subway is the limited space for luggage and the pickpocket danger, especially when the carriages are overcrowded.

Athens Airport Metro Station

Athens airport metro station is located at the airport’s second level, at the Departures area. The station building is connected to the main terminal via an elevated passageway. Elevators are also on tap for passengers with reduced mobility or lots of luggage. Still, reaching the metro station can be demanding, especially when traveling with heavy luggage. The metro station is easily accessible, within just 5- minutes walking distance from the baggage claim zone if you just follow the airport’s signage “To Trains”.


How much is the metro from Athens Airport to city?

The metro from Athens International Airport to Athens city center costs 9€/10$ for adults. A reduced price ticket of 4.5€/5.22$ is applied to children, students, and senior passengers, while children under six years of age travel for free.

Does Athens metro go to the airport?

Athens Metro Line 3 connects Athens Airport to Athens city center (Syntagma Square) and many other major city hubs. Moreover, passengers can use the Blue Subway Line 3 to reach Piraeus Port.

Where is the metro station in Athens Airport?

The El. Venizelos airport metro station is located at the Departures level, one floor above the Arrivals area. The station is accessible from the terminal via a pedestrianized bridge.