Athens Airport Shuttle Bus

The Cheapest Way to Get to your Destination in Athens

Athens Airport Buses

Athens International Airport is connected to all the major hubs of Athens via numerous bus lines. To start with, 4 lines of OASA public buses conveniently transfer passengers from Athens Airport to Athens city. Explicitly:

  • Bus X93 (Athens Airport – Kifissos KTEL): This is the bus route connecting Athens Airport to the Intercity Bus Station. The route lasts approximately 65 minutes and buses depart from the airport every 40 minutes. 
  • Bus X95 (Athens Airport – Syntagma Square): When Athens center is the final destination, bus X95 is the right route for you. Syntagma Square is the most central area of the city. Taking bus X95 will get you there in about 60 minutes.
  • Bus X96 (Athens Airport – Piraeus Port): Bus X96 connects Athens Airport to Piraeus Port, the biggest Greek port and your destination if you are going to visit the famous Greek islands. The bus takes about 90 minutes to reach the port.
  • Bus X97 (Athens Airport – Elliniko Metro Station): This route’s final stop is the Dafni Metro Station. Buses leave the airport every 40-60 minutes while their journey lasts 45 minutes.

For more info about OSY buses., you can call 11185 or visit the official website.


Bus LineFromToFirst RouteLast Route
X93Athens AirportKifissos KTEL00:1023:35
X95Athens AirportSyntagma Square00:1023:55
X96Athens AirportPiraeus Port04:0518:35
X97Athens AirportElliniko Metro Station06:0522:15

KTEL Buses from and to Athens Airport

In addition to the OASA buses, there are 5 regional buses (KTEL buses) serving Athens Airport. All of them are express lines, meaning that their intermediate stops are limited. One KTEL bus route connects Athens Airport to Rafina, while two KTEL buses head to Lavrio Port. Furthermore, there is an available KTEL itinerary to Markopoulo as well as one that reaches Koropi.

More info about KTEL buses:
KTEL Kifissou: +30 2105124910, +30 2105124911
KTEL Liosion: +30 2108317186

Bus Stops at Athens Airport

OASA local bus stop is located outside the Arrivals level of Athens Airport, between Exits 4 and 5, while the KTEL buses stop is to be found between Exits 2 and 3, opposite the airport hotel. Both buses stop at the Departures level 2 when arriving at the airport.

Athens Airport Bus Fares

Athens airport local bus tickets are one-way and cost 5.5€/6.38$ for adults. Reduced tickets are also to be found, costing 2.70€/3.13$ for students, elders, and children 6-18 years old. Children under 6 years travel for free.

Tickets can be bought via the ticket desks located at the Arrivals level, between exit doors 4 and 5. Alternatively, tickets are also available onboard. Payments can be made only in euros while carrying small change with you is highly recommended.

Moreover, you can also purchase the 3-day Tourist Ticket, at 20€/23.19$, which is valid for buses, metro, and tram and includes a return ticket to Athens Airport.


Where can I buy an Athens airport bus ticket?

Athens airport bus tickets can be purchased both onboard and from the ticket kiosks at the airport’s Arrivals area.

How much is a bus ticket in Athens?

The local OSY bus ticket from and to Athens Airport costs 5.5€/6.38$ for adult passengers and 2.70€/3.13$ for students, university students, and elders. Children under 6 years old travel for free. 

How to pay for bus X95 at Athens Airport?

Tickets for bus X95 can be purchased either by the ticket kiosks, lying between Exits 4 and 5 of the Arrivals area, or even onboard. In any case, you should always carry small bills with you to pay for your ticket.