Athens Airport Guide

Useful Data and Insight Info about ATH Airport

General Airport Information

Athens International Airport is the main airport serving the Attica area. Greece’s Capital, Athens, is also located there. The Airport, 33km from the city center, is the major airport of the country and is listed among the top 20 busiest European air hubs. It opened its doors in 2001, replacing the old Ellinikon International Airport, and was designed to meet the much higher passengers’ needs that occurred during the 2004 Olympic Games. However, the airport’s traffic has been growing even after the event’s end. El Venizelos Airport served more than 26 million tourists in 2019 and is expected to welcome up to 50 million shortly. Thus, all the major airlines -domestic and international- fly from and to ATH Airport, and Aegean Airlines is undoubtedly the leading one.


ATH airport complex consists of two terminal buildings. The main terminal is the one hosting the majority of airlines and dealing with the bulk of flights. On the other hand, the Satellite building shelters some low-cost air carriers and offloads the main terminal during the high seasons.


Whether you are looking for a hotel near Athens International Airport or you gravitate towards Athens city center for your accommodation, you’ll find plenty of options available. From 5-star luxury hotels to motels, B&Bs, and hostels, depending on your budget, personal preferences, and your whereabouts, you can find the perfect lodge to accommodate your stay in Athens.


Athens Airport is equipped with all the necessary parking amenities to meet every passenger’s needs, even during the peak seasons. With a more than 7.000 parking spot capacity, ATH Airport has two short-stay facilities (P1 and P2), as well as a vast long-term car park. Moreover, VIP parking services are also on tap, as travelers who opt for Valet Parking have their car picked up and dropped off just outside the Terminal’s doors.

Layover at the Airport

Layover at Athens Airport is more than a hassle as it offers a wide variety of options for stopover passengers. Premium services and amenities, cultural exhibition areas, as well as a broad range of shops and dining facilities are waiting for you at El. Venizelos Airport. Are you in for a long layover at Athens Airport? This is your chance to get to know the nearby area and the magnificent Athens city center.