Athens Airport Transportation

Compare and Review all Public and Private Transfer Options at Athens Airport

Transportation to and from Athens Airport

Are you going to travel to or from El. Venizelos Airport and you want to explore your transferring options to/from the capital’s airport? Shed light on your needs and requirements, set up your budget, and choose among the comfy Athens airport taxis, the premium private transfers, the autonomous car rentals, or the public, definitely more affordable metro, bus, and train.


Athens airport taxis deliver fast, safe, and efficient transfer services from and to ATH Airport. The yellow taxis are always available outside Exit 3 of the Main Terminal and offer rides to the city center at set prices. Thus, if you consider convenience a must for your journey, a comfortable airport taxi will drive you to your destination in about 40 minutes, costing 40€/42$​ during the day and  55€/58$ during the nighttime.


Four airport bus lines handle the shuttle rides from ATH Airport to the major hubs of Athens. X93, X95, X96, and X97 run on a 24-h basis, even during public holidays. They may not be the fastest transportation option, as their journey usually lasts at least 1 hour, but they are the most affordable alternative, costing only 5.5€/6.38$ for a one-way trip.


The Blue Subway Line 3 departs daily from the airport metro station with frequent, every 36-minutes routes. Thus, using the airport metro for your transfer to the city of Athens is a well-chosen option, as, besides its frequency, it is also an affordable alternative with a one-way ticket costing 9€/10$. Moreover, the subway offers fast rides, reaching the city center in just 40 minutes.

Suburban Train

The Suburban Athens Train, Proastiakos, also leaves the airport rail station and connects El. Venizelos to the major, central parts of the city. Proastiakos is an aboveground train that traverses the distance to the city center in approximately 35 minutes while charging 9€/10$.

Private Airport Transfers

Passengers searching for the utmost convenient and comfortable transfers from Athens Airport can book a private airport transfer to their destination in Athens. ATH Airport hosts many private transfer companies. Hence, a thorough search-and-compare process can lead to the combination of ultimate transportation services and affordable prices.

Car Rentals

A car rental is the most autonomous way to meet Athens, its suburban areas, and even further-distanced places and locations. Athens Airport offers a variety of car rental companies located at the Terminal’s Arrivals area. Hence, Athens Airport car rental services are premium while their prices are considered competitive.

Athens Airport to Athens City Center

Athens downtown is readily accessible from the airport via a good deal of transportation modes. Hence, airport taxis and private transfers address passengers who opt for comfortable and pleasant rides, while airport car rentals are standing by to offer autonomous and relaxed journeys inside and outside the Athens area. On the other hand, public transportation means are the more affordable alternatives for transfers from Athens Airport to Athens city center. Choose between the fast subway and the 24/7 Bus X95, and reach your destination on a budget.

Athens Airport to Piraeus Port

Piraeus Port, the biggest Greek port and the prime gateway to the famous Greek islands is a popular destination from Athens Airport. Hence, transfers from Athens Airport to Piraeus are handled both by airport taxis and private transfers and by the less inconvenient yet far more low-cost public buses and subway. As far as car renting is concerned, Athens Airport hosts local and international car rental companies, offering its passengers a wide variety of choices.

Athens Airport to Rafina

Athens Airport is located near Rafina Port, at a 16-km/9.9-mile distance. Passengers wishing to reach the busy port of Rafina from Athens Airport can choose among the convenient and round-the-clock airport taxis, the luxurious private transfers, and the handy car rentals. Alternatively, the orange public KTEL buses leave the airport seven times a day with Rafina as their destination, costing only 3€/3.47$.

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