Athens Airport Parking Services

Park your Car Safely and Affordably at Athens Airport

Parking Options at Athens Airport


The Short-Term P1 and P2

El. Venizelos Parking areas P1 and P2 are located near the Arrivals level, within a two-minutes walking distance from the main terminal building. Parking areas P1 and P2 serve the short-term parking needs of the airport and are ideal for stays of five hours or less. 1.360 parking spots are available in total (including dedicated parking areas for disabled persons), while at P2, electric car drivers can charge their vehicles for free (compatible only with TYPE 2 charging connector). Furthermore, passengers are offered 20-minute free parking, as well as significant discounts for online reservations.

The Long-Term P3

On the other hand, Athens Airport provides Parking area P3 for long-term parking purposes. Operating 24/7, P3 has more than 5.800 parking spots and is to be found across the Attiki Odos motorway, only 5-10 minutes away on foot from the terminal building. However, there is also a free shuttle bus, connecting the Long Term Parking area and the Athens airport terminal in just 8 minutes. Special parking spots are reserved for persons with disabilities. As mentioned above, it is recommended to book your parking space online so as to receive discounts and special benefits. For instance, you can reserve a parking spot in the “Economy” area of P3, paying only 5€ per day.

The Motorcycle Parking Area

Finally, there is a designated area for motorcycles at the Short Term P1, at the curbside of the Arrivals level. The Motorcycle Parking area is accessible through a separate entrance, 200 meters before the P1 main entrance.

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Athens Airport P1 and P2 Price List

P1 and P2 parking facilities are recommended for short stays (up to 4-5 hours). The two car parks are located just outside the main terminal’s Arrivals area, within a 2min walking distance from the terminal doors. Please note that they are the ideal option for pick-ups and drop-offs, as parking outside the terminal isn’t allowed. Overall, their fares are within the expected range, while the first 20 minutes are out of charge. Motorists can either issue a ticket while entering the premises and pay afterward at the automatic machines lying at P1 and P2, or simply put their bank card at the parking entrance’s machines and insert it once again as exiting the parking area so that the payment is concluded.


Parking DurationTotal Fare
0-20 MinFree
21-60 Min5€/5.50$
1-4 Hours10€/10.10$
4-5 Hours13€/15.07$
5-6 Hours15€/17.39$
6-7 Hours16€/16.20$
15-24 Hours25€/29$
Each day after25€/29$

Athens Airport P3 Price List

The long-term P3 of El. Venizelos Airport serves the long-stay parking needs of ATH airport’s passengers. P3 offers lower prices, yet its location is significantly further from the Terminal doors. Thus, travelers can either use the pedestrian bridge connecting P3 with the Main Terminal and traverse the distance on foot in about 10 minutes or take the free shuttle bus, the P3 Parking Express, departing every 10 minutes. P3 Parking Express makes 14 stops at P3 and needs 8-10 minutes to reach the Terminal. Payments for the long-stay P3 can be made similarly to the short-stay P1 and P2: through automatic machines or by using a credit card.


Parking DurationTotal Fare
0-20 MinFree
21-60 Min5€/5.50$
1-4 Hours10€/10.10$
4-24 Hours13€/15.07$
1-2 Days26€/30.14$
2-3 Days39€/45.22$
3-4 Days50€/58$
4-5 Days50€/58$
5-6 Days50€/58$
6-7 Days50€/58$
Each day after5€/5.50$

Valet Parking Services at El. Venizelos

At Athens Airport, passengers can also receive high-class parking services simply by selecting the Valet Parking Lot, situated at the Departures area (Entrance 3). Although this option is higher-priced, it guarantees a totally hassle-free parking experience as the highly trained personnel picks up the vehicle at the entrance point and returns it there on the selected date. Moreover, car wash services are also provided at competitive prices. 


Parking DurationTotal Fare
0-5 Hours25€/29$
5-24 Hours40€/46.38$
Up till 2 days59€/65$
Up till 3 days69€/76.52$
Up till 4 days79€/91.59$
Up till 5 days80€/92.75$


What is considered long-term parking at the airport?

The airport parking is divided into a short-term and a long-term parking area. The long-term parking spots are occupied by passengers who are interested in parking their vehicles for several days. The long-term parking fares are usually more affordable.

Is it cheaper to book airport parking in advance?

If you decide to book a parking lot in advance, you may get a better price than booking at the last minute. Moreover, you may find special offers and deals. Thus, pre-booking your parking spot is surely recommended.

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