Transportation from Athens Airport to Piraeus Port

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Transfer Options from Athens Airport to Piraeus Port

If you are flying to Athens International Airport and you are planning to visit the famous Greek islands, Piraeus Port is surely your final destination. Piraeus is the biggest and busiest port in Greece, serving millions of passengers annually. Therefore, the connection between El. Venizelos and Piraeus Cruise Port is sufficient. Local buses, metro trains, and convenient airport taxis are some of the options for your transfer to the Greek Port. You can also book a private airport transfer or an airport car rental. So, which alternative will you choose?


OptionsDaytime PriceNight Time PriceDuration
Taxi56€/60$72€/76$75 Min
Metro/Train9€/10$9€/10$85 Min
Bus5.5€/6.38$5.5€/6.38$90 Min

Athens Airport to Piraeus Port by Taxi

Athens airport taxis provide reliable and fast transfer services from Athens International Airport to Piraeus Πort. Available 24/7, the yellow cabs are waiting at the official rank, just outside Exit 3 of the Arrivals level. The total journey takes approximately 70-80 minutes, depending on the traffic. Although Athens taxis are metered, the price of the ride from ATH Airport to Piraeus Port is set. Hence, the fare for this journey is 56€/60$ during the day while the night charge (00:00 am – 05:00 am) is 72€/76$.

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Athens Airport to Piraeus Port by Subway/Train

Another alternative for your transfer is the Athens subway. Recommended if you are traveling light (as carriages aren’t equipped with designated luggage space), the Blue Line 3 leaves the airport station (located within a 5-minute walking distance from the main airport terminal via an elevated pedestrian bridge) every 36 minutes, from 06:10 am to 11:34 pm, and heads to Piraeus Station. You can expect to reach Piraeus Port in approximately 58 minutes, while a one-way metro ticket costs 9€/10$ for adults and 4.5€/5.22$ for students, children, and seniors. On the other hand, the price for a return ticket is 16€/18.56$. In any case, children under 6 years of age travel for free. 

Athens Airport to Piraeus Port by Bus

The cheapest transportation alternative is the airport Bus X96 which directly connects Athens Airport to Piraeus Port. The Bus Line X96 runs 24/7 with itineraries every 20-40 minutes, depending on the time of day. The bus route lasts about 90 minutes under normal traffic conditions. However, during rush hours, the bus might need up to 2 hours to reach the ferry terminal.

The airport bus station is situated between Exits 4 and 5 at the Arrivals level and is equipped with ticket kiosks. Alternatively, tickets are available onboard. A single bus ticket costs only 5.5€/6.38$ for adult passengers and 2.70€/3.13$ for children, students, and seniors. Children under 6 years of age don’t have to pay for a ticket.

Car Rental from Athens Airport to Piraeus Port

If you want to reach Piraeus Port hassle-free, without having to wait in line for a taxi or rush to catch the next bus or train, an airport car rental will meet all your requirements. Athens International Airport houses all the major car rental companies, so it’s on you to find the best car hire deal and rent the vehicle you desire. In any case, if the traffic is normal, the journey with a car rental from the airport to Piraeus takes around 70 minutes.

Private Airport Transfers from Athens Airport to Piraeus Port

If you want to enjoy the ultimate transfer experience from ATH Airport to Piraeus, a private airport transfer is the one offering you all the desired services. Explore the private transfer companies operating at El. Venizelos, search and compare the amenities and the prices and come up with the best value-for-money option for your journey to Piraeus.


How do I get from Athens Airport to Piraeus?

The most convenient way to get from Athens Airport to Piraeus Port is to hire an Athens airport taxi. However, if you prefer public transportation, you can choose between the Athens metro and Bus X96.

How long does the bus take from Athens Airport to Piraeus?

The Bus X96 heads from Athens Airport to Piraeus Port every 20-40 minutes and reaches its final destination in approximately 90 minutes, depending on the traffic.

How much is a taxi from Athens Airport to Piraeus?

Athens airport taxis have fixed fares for the transfer from Athens International Airport to Piraeus Port. Thus, the day charge is 56€/60$, while during the night shift (00:00 am – 05:00 am), the price goes up to 72€76$.