Transportation from Athens Airport to Rafina

Transfer Options from Athens Airport to Rafina

If Piraeus is the major Greek port, serving the majority of maritime transfers to the Greek islands, Rafina is the second busiest harbor, handling ferry links to the adjacent Evia and the North Cyclades. Rafina is 30km away from Athens downtown, but it’s located only 16km/9.9miles from Athens International Airport. Thus, a taxi ride from ATH Airport to Rafina lasts around 25-30 minutes. Alternatively, private transfer companies provide premium transfers to Rafina, while car rental agencies offer top-rated services for travelers who want to travel at their own pace. Last but not least, intercity buses are the perfect choice for passengers who are looking for a budget transportation method.


OptionsDaytime PriceNight Time PriceDuration
Taxi38€/40$53€/59$25-30 Min
Bus3€/3.47$3€/3.47$30-40 Min

Athens Airport to Rafina by Taxi

Athens airport yellow taxis are readily waiting at the official airport taxi rank, located outside Exit 3 of the main terminal. Running non-stop from and to Athens International Airport, airport taxis offer passengers who have Rafina Port as their destination comfortable and quick transfers. The 16-km/9.9-mile taxi ride lasts approximately 25-30 minutes under normal traffic conditions, and its cost is usually 38€/40$ during the day and 53€/59$ from midnight to 05:00 am. Nevertheless, the exact price is formed by the taximeter, according to the distance and the travel duration. 

Our Tip: Taxi drivers in Greece aren’t obligated to have a POS machine. Thus, if you intend to pay via a bank card, you should first let the driver know. 

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Athens Airport to Rafina by Bus

The intercity KTEL bus is the public and certainly more affordable option for your transfer from Athens Airport to the port of Rafina. The orange KTEL buses leave from the bus station placed 200m from Exits 2 and 3, right in front of Sofitel Hotel, and head to Rafina bus stop, lying adjacent to the port. Running from 04:35 am to 10:20 pm, KTEL buses connect the airport to Rafina seven times a day, with the majority of routes operating from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 

The journey with the KTEL bus lasts about 30-40 minutes, depending on the congestion level. One-way tickets cost 3€/3.47$ and are available by the driver inside the bus. Please note that children up to 6 years old travel for free. Moreover, you should have small bills with you, as the bus driver usually doesn’t have much change. 

Our Tip: KTEL buses’ schedule constantly changes. Hence, it is recommended to check the current timetable before deciding to use the bus. 

Car Rental from Athens Airport to Rafina

An airport car rental is an ideal way to plan your journey to Rafina exactly as you like, especially if you have an onward ferry trip to one of the beautiful Greek islands. Major international car rental companies and local car hire providers offer their services at ATH Airport. Thus, finding an enticing car rental deal is only a matter of search and comparison.

To reach Rafina Port, you should head to Attiki Road and keep driving for about 4km. Afterward, you must continue to Marathonos Av. for 6km before taking AL. Fleming Str. heading to Ethn. Antistaseos. From that point, you’ll have to use the road streets to reach the port. Fortunately, the road signage is adequate.

Private Airport Transfers from Athens Airport to Rafina

While Athens airport taxis are efficient and fast and car rentals are handy, private transfers offer the ultimate transportation experience from ATH Airport to Rafina. By booking a transfer provided by one of the many private transfer companies operating at Athens Airport, you are in for a convenient, pleasant, and fast ride to the port of Rafina, along with pick-up services and many more amenities.


Ηow to get from Athens Airport to Rafina?

Athens International Airport is connected to Rafina, the second busiest port in Greece, via taxis and private transfers. Moreover, passengers looking for a budget way of transport can use the cheap intercity KTEL buses. A car rental, on the other hand, is always a good idea for independent and stress-free rides.

How close is Athens Airport to Rafina Port?

The distance between Athens International Airport and Rafina is only 16km/9.9 miles. Hence, a taxi ride from the airport to the port lasts 25-30 minutes, while the public KTEL buses need 30-40 minutes to reach the ferries’ departures area.

How much is a taxi from Athens Airport to Rafina Port?

Athens airport taxis are metered. Therefore, they don’t offer a set price, but their fare is figured by the taximeter, depending on the distance and the ride’s length. In any case, the taxi journey from ATH Airport to Rafina usually costs 38€/40$ during the daytime and 53€/59$​ during the night shift.