Athens Airport Terminals

A General Outline of the Two ATH Airport Terminal Buildings

The Terminals of Athens International Airport

ATH Airport has two terminal buildings, the main terminal, and the Satellite terminal, with the main terminal handling most of the airport’s flight traffic. The two terminals lie close and are connected via an underground passage. In 2019, the south side of the main terminal was expanded, while during the next few years, a further extension of its north area is expected to meet the increasing airport’s needs.

The Main Terminal Building of ATH Airport

As its name suggests, the main terminal is the one serving the vast number of incoming and outgoing flights at Athens Airport. As a matter of fact, it serves Schengen and non-Schengen flights, as well as plane journeys from and to destinations inside the Greek territory. The terminal is equipped with 144 check-in counters and 14 jet bridges.

The 3-level building hosts the Arrivals area on the ground floor. Subdivided into two sections, Hall A is dedicated to non-Schengen international flights, whereas Hall B serves inter-Schengen flights and domestic destinations. Four exits are available to the passengers landing at ATH Airport and wishing to reach Athens. Airport Exits 1 and 2 correspondingly lead to P1 and P2 areas, whereas the taxi ranks are to be found just outside Exit 3. What’s more, Exit 4 is the one to be used to access the free shuttle bus connecting the airport to long-term P3. Finally, Exit 5 is handy for reaching the OASA bus stop.

The other levels are home to the airport Departures area. All the boarding gates and the check-in desks are scattered around the first floor. On the other hand, an archaeological exhibition is sheltered near Entrance 3, while from time to time, the airport presents various art expositions. On top of that, the pedestrian passage leading to the airport subway station is also accessible from the Departures level.

The Drink & Dine area lies at the Departures zone, after the security control. Around there, passengers can find a wide variety of shops and Duty-Free stores. Nevertheless, many restaurants and retailers are placed in the public area as well.

The Satellite Terminal of El. Venizelos

The Satellite terminal is a much smaller facility, dealing with flights from and to Schengen destinations. The Satellite terminal operates during the high tourist season. It basically serves the increasing passenger traffic when the main terminal gets overcrowded. Located near the main terminal, on its south side, it is divided into two levels, with the ground level hosting the Arrivals and the first floor the Departures.

Transfer between Terminals

The two ATH airport terminal buildings are connected via an underground passage. Thus, transferring from one terminal to the other is generally considered hassle-free. Conveniently, the between-the-terminals corridor is also equipped with moving walkways.


Is Athens’ domestic and international airport the same?

Athens has only one airport, serving the entire Attica area, El. Venizelos Airport. Hence, both domestic and international flights arrive and depart from one of the two ATH airport terminals.

How many terminals does Athens Airport have?

Athens Airport has two terminals, the main terminal, and the Satellite terminal. The main terminal serves the majority of the flights – both domestic and international – whereas the Satellite terminal hosts some low-cost airlines and is primarily used to decongest the main terminal during the peak seasons.